Divorce is one of the most difficult transitions you will face in your life. However, having the right attorney on your side can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. If you are contemplating divorce, or if your spouse has already filed, you need to contact a New York Divorce Attorney as soon as possible.

Understanding Divorce in New York

During a divorce in the state of New York, you will be required to settle a number of issues with your spouse before the process will be complete. Depending on the specifics of your situation, these issues may include division of property, division of debt, child custody, child support and/or spousal support.

If you and your spouse are able to agree on all of these issues, you can complete an uncontested divorce, which is typically faster and much less expensive. However, if you cannot agree on one or more issues, you must complete a contested divorce, which is more expensive and complicated. Contested divorce also requires more time in court, which can add to the stress associated with this process.

Why You Need a Divorce Attorney in New York

At Glatz Family Law & Mediation, we understand how difficult divorce can be. We can help with all types of divorce, from collaborative divorce to the most complicated contested divorce cases. If you want to complete your divorce outside of court, we will help you negotiate with your spouse in mediation and arrive at an appropriate settlement. If a successful negotiation isn’t possible, we will help you prepare strong arguments for court so you can be sure you receive your fair share.


Divorce is an unhappy reality, but it doesn’t have to be disastrous for you, your family or your finances. Matrimonial Law in New York is complicated and often perplexing. Divorce can be a traumatic and overwhelming process. In addition, the laws surrounding divorce are complicated, and you risk losing a great deal if you do not fully understand your rights. To ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome in your case, you need an experienced divorce attorney to provide guidance and representation.

We will explain the process to you in clear terms and do everything possible to ensure that your divorce is processed as smoothly as possible, including drafting, filing and serving the mandatory documentation.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce can be achieved without you and your estranged spouse ever setting foot in a courtroom.  Moreover, if you are able to negotiate all the terms of settlement– both financial and with respect to child custody— on your own or with the help of a mediator, the cost will be dramatically lower than it would be if litigation were required. In fact, our office handles such situations for a reasonable flat fee rather than billing hourly, so there are no surprise expenses.

Regardless, we will take the time to explain New York’s State requirements for divorce actions and, if needed, negotiate a settlement on your behalf, review a settlement agreement drafted by another mediator or attorney, or convert such an agreement into a legally-enforceable document that will be filed with the court and incorporated into your divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

Increasing numbers of divorcing couples and matrimonial attorneys are realizing that divorce litigation should be a last resort, particularly when children are involved. Luckily, couples wishing to avoid the toxic escalation of conflict that so often characterizes “traditional” divorce have real options in mediation and collaborative divorce.

Collaborative Divorce is a dispute resolution process whereby both spouses and their attorneys endeavor to resolve conflicts equitably and respectfully, without using the threat of litigation to achieve strategic ends. Collaborative Law seeks to humanize the divorce process while optimizing outcomes to benefit both parties and their families to the greatest extent possible.

Contested Divorce

When court involvement is unavoidable, either because one spouse and/or his attorney have filed a request for judicial intervention, or when divorcing spouses simply cannot reach an agreement on one or more issues, a divorce becomes “contested.” Settlement– whole or partial– remains an option, and Matrimonial judges typically take pains to convince parties that they should keep trying to reach an agreement rather than handing over their fates– and those of their children– to a stranger. Thus, ironically, contested divorces often end in settlement. The rest go to trial. Judges will often hold trials on custody and visitation, then refer the financial issues to a court referee, which can mean a second, entirely separate trial. Costs add up extraordinarily quickly in such situations, and for this reason, attorneys require a substantial retainer before entering an appearance in court.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Going through divorce on your own is never a good idea. Whether you hope to complete an uncontested divorce or you plan to go to court, you still need guidance from a qualified attorney. If you are involved in a divorce, please contact Glatz Family Law & Mediation today to make an appointment or to learn more about our services. We handle both domestic and international divorce.